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Your concerns:


  • Unclear speech
  • Changes sounds or omits sounds in words
  • Difficulty saying longer words


  • Late to talk
  • Uses fewer words than expected
  • Has not learned to name many objects or actions
  • Talks less frequently than other children
  • Sentences are short and simple
  • Sentences seem muddled
  • Difficulty explaining things clearly
  • Difficulty telling about something that has happened
  • Difficulty telling ‘news’
  • Responds inappropriately to questions
  • Uses incorrect or inadequate words to name or describe


  • Difficulty following instructions
  • Struggles to ‘tune-in’
  • Difficulty understanding what people are asking
  • Has trouble attending and understanding stories
  • Difficulty maintaining attention at group time
  • Misunderstands questions
  • Difficulty grasping new information, concepts and ideas
  • Forgets what has been said

Social Communication

  • Difficulty joining in
  • Difficulty making friends
  • Says inappropriate things to others
  • Talks too much or too little
  • Plays alone
  • Solves problems with shouting, whining, tantrums or hitting


  • Slow reader
  • Difficulty sounding out words
  • Difficulty naming letters and sounds
  • Difficulty predicting text
  • Guesses words and can not remember words
  • Misunderstands what has been read
  • Misses the main idea or the details of written text
  • Reads print well but does not comprehend
  • Below the reading level expected


  • Difficulty thinking of what to write
  • Written sentences are short and simple
  • Story ideas are limited
  • Omission of word endings or small grammar words
  • Limited ideas and vocabulary


  • Difficulty learning letters and sounds
  • Difficulty learning the spelling of common words
  • Guesses the spelling of words, can not remember words
  • Muddles the letters in words
  • Spells initial letter correctly but not middle and last letters
  • Spells words with 3 letters but not 4 letters
  • Difficulty spelling vowels in words
  • Below the level expected in spelling ability